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Should you already have a health care professional, always consult with she or he before making any major decisions about your health protocols.
Do not leave decisions in other people's hands until and unless you know more, ESPECIALLY when they prove to care more for money by charging SO much!
MisterShortcut believes and proves that you will live stronger for longer, living happier and much healthier, when you live and heal... YOURSELF ... naturally.

Biosyntony - a rare treat in relaxation therapy

When nothing else works

Bodyscan - The Best on Earth?

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HealthTower here, and HealthTower there,
will we know when the HealthTower gets us to where,
the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees,
all get together, as one world, to care.
HealthTower show me, HealthTower tell me,
is there a chance the HealthTower PowerGems fail me?
The answer is no, HealthTower PowerGems don't fail,
we can only fail to engage our HealthTower PowerGems.
YOU figure it out. The answer is clear, simple, and there.

Welcome to, and enjoy,
the HealthTower Capital of the Internet

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