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Welcome to the biggest personal website ever created, the largest personal website in the world.
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You might refer to it as the Zen of Better Shortcuts.
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Thus is the Zen of Better Shortcuts

Tenth Zen of Better Shortcuts Index
PowerGems and Shortcuts Of Leaders - Mr_Shortcut

Zen of Better Shortcuts - Tenth way in.
Empower yourself using secrets and shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
The Zen of Better Shortcuts reminds you that stretching the mind is vital.
Whether it's a puzzle or reciting Pi or listing people who can grant your wishes,
you will find a tremendous boost in everything when you stretch your mind more.
"Each day, in every way, I am getting better, better, and better."

Tenth Reminder Of The Zen of Better Shortcuts

Empowering yourself gets easier with the Zen of Better Shortcuts.
That's because the Zen of Better Shortcuts is about self-empowerment.
No one can succeed faster FOR you.... "If it is to be, it is up to me," right?
Empower yourself by remaining focused on what it is you most want to achieve.
The more we focus on a subject, the more our brain works to move in that direction.
This is a deliciously powerful secret and shortcuts of empowering your faster success.
Just like a flashlight, your mind will go wherever it is repeatedly and narrowly focused.
The Zen of Better Shortcuts reminds you that, while we do not always get what we want,
we are virtually assured of consistently receiving most of what we frankly expect.
That can be a challenge, because, too often, we are not sure of what we want.
Oh, we're good at claiming what we want, generally of a masterial nature.
Forget about materialism for a bit, because excellence is worth more.
When you self-empower yourself by using greater success shortcuts,
you will start to recognize that excellence comes before the profit.
Profit is a product of excellence, so learn how to be excellent.

Excellence proves to be the greatest source of your profits.
Please do not allow today pass without using shortcuts.
Look for greater shortcuts, and you will find them.
Focus on finding your shortcuts; you'll find more.
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This will triple your savings immediately!
Stop paying for ads and executives.
This is YOUR money; it's Your life.